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Coco Bongo

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Coco Bongo “Best Night out EVER”
Coco Bongo is situated in Downtown Punta Cana at only 15 minutes of the airport and all the big resorts. Coco Bongo Punta Cana is the first one outside of Mexico.
Coco Bongo Punta Cana is a guaranteed incredible experiene for those looking for “the perfect night out”. The mixture of spectacular live shows, cinema, theater, musicals, disco, video, acrobatics, surprises,…makes the Coco Bongo experience absolutely unforgettable and incomparable to any other nightclub.
VIP guests get queue jump tickets, tables on a higher level to optimize the view, table service and even VIP toilets.
Coco Bongo counts with a numerous amount of waiters who make sure your glass is never empty!
Coco Bongo is a great night out for all ages

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Open bar + Entrance, Open Bar VIP

1 review for Coco Bongo

  1. Isabelle Austin

    A couple of weeks ago me and my friends went to Punta Cana for the first time. As we’re still young, we really wanted to party a lot this holiday. When we heard about Coco Bongo we got curious and decided to visit this club! We really had a blast!!! The show was amazing, great dancers, nice music and open bar all night long! We enjoyed our night that much that we even went a second time! Great night out!

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